Specific Vandal Resistant Jail IP Telephone for prision communication-JWAT906

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It is a specific vandal-resistant jail IP telephone, designed in stainless steel, which makes it IP65 waterproof.with high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.so it is very popular in the prison phone industry.

Since 2005, we have a professional industrial communication research and development team. Each jail telephone has undergone strict quality inspection, anti-violence and other tests and obtained international certificates. We have our own factory, homemade telephone accessories, we can provide you with competitive jail telephones with quality assurance and after-sale guarantee.


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Jail telephone is designed for voice communications in prison correctional facility environments where reliability, efficiency and safety are paramount. Of course, this phone is also widely used in self-service banks, stations, corridors, airports, scenic spots, squares, shopping malls and other places.
The body of the phone it is made of stainless steel, a very strong material with a great thickness. The protection level is IP65, and the anti-violence level meets the requirements of the prison industry.Vandal resistant handset with armored cord and grommet provides added security for handset cord.
Available in various versions with stainless steel armored wire or helical wire, with or without keypad and with additional function buttons on request.


1. Direct access to Ethernet, cross-network segment and cross-route
2. Broadcast shouting to the area where authority is allowedZinc alloy keypad with volume control button.
3. Zinc alloy keypad with 3 DSS speed dial function keys which can set different functions according to your needs.
4. 304 stainless steel material shell, high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.
5.The design of the phone housing have waterproof and dustproof grade IP65 , no need waterproof cover.
6.The internal circuit of the telephone adopts international universal double-sided integrated circuit, which has the advantages of accurate number sending, clear communication and stable operation.
7.Optional noise-canceling microphone available
8.Magnetic hook switch with reed switch.
9.Wall mounted, Simple installation.
10.Connection: RJ11 screw terminal pair cable.
11.Multiple color available.
12.Self-made telephone spare part available.
13.CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001 compliant


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This Jail Telephone Is Very Popular in a variety of applications such as in jails, hospitals, oil rigs, platforms, dormitories, airports, control rooms, sally ports, schools, plant, gate and entryways, PREA phone,or waiting rooms etc..


Item Technical data
  Voltage DC48V
Standby Work Current ≤1mA
Frequency Response 250~3000 Hz
Ringer Volume ≤80dB(A)
Corrosion Grade WF1
Ambient Temperature -30~+70℃
Atmospheric Pressure 80~110KPa
Relative Humidity ≤95%
Lead Hole 1-Ø5
Weight 3.5kg
Installation Wall-mounted

Dimension Drawing


Available Connector

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If you have any color request, let us know the Pantone color No.

Test machine

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85% spare parts are produced by our own factory and with matched test machines, we could confirm the function and standard directly.

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