• Welcome to Ningbo Joiwo –Industrial Communication Solution

    Welcome to Ningbo Joiwo –Industrial Communication Solution

    Ningbo Joiwo is specializied in industrial communication solution for more than 18 years. There are various industrial telephone, server, loudspeaker ,PABX in our company  which could be widely used for oil & gas, tunnel, railway, marine, power plant, clean room,elevator, highway ,jail, hospi...
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  • What is our role playing in Industrial telephones filed in the world?

    What is our role playing in Industrial telephones filed in the world?

    Yuyao Xianglong Communication is the leading source for a wide variety of products including Pay Phones, Armored Courtesy Phones, Inmate Phones, Emergency Phones, and hundreds of related parts and accessories. Our company has been in the public telecommunications business for over 18 years and ha...
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  • The Increasing Importance of Plastic Public Telephone Cradles

    In this day and age when most people own a mobile phone, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time when public telephones were a necessity. However, even though mobile technology has advanced leaps and bounds, public telephones still serve an important purpose, especially during emergency ...
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  • The Role of Stainless Steel Surface Mount Wall Phone in Prison Communication

    Prison communication plays a crucial role in maintaining safety and order within correctional facilities. The use of technology and advanced communication systems is essential for keeping inmates, staff, and visitors safe. One of the most critical communication tools used in prisons is the stainl...
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  • Other Accessories for Outdoor Phones

    When it comes to outdoor phones, having the right set of accessories can make all the difference in functionality and user experience. While the phone itself is important, other accessories that come with it can enhance its functionality and make it more convenient to use. In this blog, we will h...
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  • For The Outdoor Industrial Telephones: The Must-Have Communication Tool

    Are you looking for a rugged and reliable communication tool for your outdoor industrial site? Look no further than outdoor industrial telephones! These telephones are built to withstand harsh environments and provide clear and uninterrupted communication between employees and management. Outdoor...
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  • Keypad

    In today’s technological age, keypads have become an integral part of our daily lives. From accessing our phones and laptops to securing our homes and offices, keypads play an important role in ensuring the safety and privacy of our personal and professional lives. In this article, we will ...
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  • Industrial Weatherproof IP Telephone For Tunnel Project

    If you're working on a tunnel project, you know that communication is critical. Whether you're dealing with a construction crew, maintenance personnel, or emergency responders, you need a reliable communication system that can withstand the harsh conditions of a tunnel e...
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  • The Benefits of a Waterproof IP Telephone in Mining Projects

    Improved Communication: A waterproof IP telephone provides clear and reliable communication in harsh environmental conditions. It allows miners to communicate with each other and with the control room, even in areas where there is no cellular coverage. The loudspeaker fe...
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  • Waterproof IP Telephone with loudspeaker and flashlight for Mining Project

    Mining projects can be challenging, especially when it comes to communication. The harsh and remote conditions of mining sites demand durable and reliable communication devices that can withstand the toughest environments. That's where a waterproof IP telephone with a lo...
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  • Why Choose Our Industrial VoIP 4G GSM Wireless Telephone Highway Roadside Solar Intercom Call Box?

    So why choose our Industrial VoIP 4G GSM Wireless Telephone Highway Roadside Solar Intercom Call Box? Here are just a few reasons: Advanced 4G and GSM capabilities for reliable communication in remote areas Solar-powered system for energy-efficient ...
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  • Industrial VoIP 4G GSM Wireless Telephone Highway Roadside Solar Intercom Call Box: The Ultimate Solution for Secure Communication

    At our company, we understand the importance of reliable and secure communication in industrial and remote locations. That's why we have developed an advanced communication solution that can meet the needs of any industry: the Industrial VoIP 4G GSM Wireless Telephone Hi...
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