Will metal keyboards be used in shared refrigerator cabinets?

With the popularity of various types of shared equipment, shared refrigerators have also begun to attract attention. Due to the initial stage of operation, there are many types of shared refrigerators. Two representative usage methods are introduced below, and then we discuss whether metal keyboards will be used in shared refrigerator cabinets.
Shared refrigerator pilot 1:

Several shared refrigerators have been placed in a community in Beijing. Through the glass door on the cabinet, you can see that there is a lot of food in the refrigerator. The way food is taken out is inseparable from the metal keypad on the cabinet. First, check the metal keyboard, then click on the food you want to select on the refrigerator cabinet, click on the metal keyboard to confirm, and the user will take away the pop-up food.

Shared refrigerator pilot 2:

A large enterprise in Fuzhou has installed hundreds of shared refrigerators. It can be seen that they are eating snacks. The meals are typically ordered in advance by users and placed in shared refrigerators the next day. The door of the shared refrigerator will not close, and food can be taken out at any time. The monitoring device is just a camera, which is simpler than the previous method, but relies too much on personal accomplishment.

Comprehensive comparison of these two methods, the first method is more in line with the concept of sharing, while the second method is just a gimmick for sharing and selling vegetables, and does not guarantee that the food will be successfully traded in the end. Therefore, the probability of using metal keyboards in shared refrigerators in the future is quite high. Whether it is an ATM metal keyboard or a communication equipment keyboard, they are waterproof keyboard and violence-proof keyboards. The application of refrigerator cabinet keyboards also proves that industrial metal keyboards have wide and diverse application fields.

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Post time: Jan-12-2024