How to make a choice between translucent industrial keypad and opaque industrial keypad?

With the continuous development of science and technology and the increasing industrial demand, the application scope of industrial keypads is also gradually expanding. More and more consumers are choosing translucent keypads equipped with LED lights when purchasing metal keypads. But what is the difference between a translucent keypad and an opaque keypad? How to choose between them?

First of all, most of the common metal keypads on the market are opaque stainless steel keypads. Such keypads are cheap, beautiful and practical. The opaque keypad is suitable for use in various public places and infrastructure. The surface is smooth and textured, but it is only suitable for use outdoors during the day. For the relatively special group of people working outdoors at night, it is not so convenient.

The stainless steel translucent keypad solves this problem very well. The stainless steel translucent keypad has both beauty and texture, and is also translucent. Even at night, users can still quickly and easily find the correct number to press through the illuminated keys. It can greatly improve work efficiency.

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Post time: Nov-15-2023