Function of Elevator Intercom Telephone

Elevator intercom telephones are common in apartments or office buildings elevators. As a communication device that combines safety and convenience, elevator handsfree telephones play an important role in modern elevator systems.

Elevator intercom telephones are generally also called hands-free telephones. They do not have a handsets and are convenient for making and receiving calls. Generally, they have one-touch emergency calls, redials, and functions for making and receiving calls.

One-touch emergency calls: It can set the emergency call number, and provide emergency call services to passengers in emergency situations, such as elevator failures and passengers being trapped, so that passengers can contact the outside world through the telephone in the elevator to provide help.

Redial: You can redial the most recently transmitted number, which is convenient for quick call initiation.

Joiwo elevator intercoms speakerphone are made of 304 stainless steel, have strong anti-destruction capabilities, stable signals, and a variety of phone functions. They can be used with switches to achieve multi-party calls. They are waterproof, dustproof and vandal resistant.

The Intercom telephone can also used in Clean room, Laboratory, Hospital Isolation areas, Sterile areas, and other restricted environments. Also available for Parking lots, Prisons, Railway/Metro platforms, Hospitals, Police stations, ATM machines, Stadiums, Campus, Shopping malls, Doors, Hotels, outside building etc.



Post time: Jun-06-2024