cold rolled steel public telephone for public place-JWAT201

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This particular type of public phone has an IP54 protection rating, a solid cold-rolled steel case, a powder coat finish for great mechanical strength and impact resistance, and a long mean time between failure (MTBF).Analog communication is the default mode, however IP is also an option.

Each telephone has been waterproof tested and has received an international certificate as a result of the production test, which included numerous tests such as the electroacoustical test, FR test, high and low temperature test, working life test, etc. We can offer you a waterproof phone that is cost-effective, of high quality, and comes with after-sale protection because we have our own factories with self-made telephone parts.


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Public telephones are made to be used for voice communication in hostile and severe environments where dependability, efficiency, and safety are crucial.similar to in a tunnel, dock, power plant, railway, roadway, or other similar structure.
The body of the telephone it is made of Cold rolled steel, a very strong material, can be powder coated with diffirent colors,used with generous thicknesses. The degree of protection is IP54,
There are several variations available, including ones with a spiral or stainless steel armored cord, a keypad, a keypad without a keypad, and, upon request, additional function buttons.


1.Standard Analogue phone. Phone line powered.
2.Robust housing, constructed of cold rolled steel with powder coated
3.Additional security for the handset cord is provided by the vandal-resistant handset's internal steel lanyard and grommet.
4. 4 speed dial buttons on a zinc alloy keypad.
5.Magnetic hook switch with reed switch.
6.Optional noise-canceling microphone available
7.Wall mounted, Simple installation.
8.Weather proof protection IP54.
9.Connection: RJ11 screw terminal pair cable.
10.Multiple color available.
11.Self-made telephone spare part available.
12. CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001 compliant.



This public phone is perfect for use in tunnels, ships, and railroads. Underground mining, fire stations, industrial facilities, jails, prisons, parking lots, clinics, guard posts, police stations, bank lobbies, ATMs, stadiums, and other indoor and outside structures.


Item Technical data
Power Supply Telephone Line Powered
 Voltage DC48V
Standby Work Current ≤1mA
Frequency Response 250~3000 Hz
Ringer Volume ≥80dB(A)
Corrosion Grade WF1
Ambient Temperature -40~+70℃
Atmospheric Pressure 80~110KPa
Relative Humidity ≤95%
Anti-vandalism Level IK09
Installation Wall-mounted

Dimension Drawing


Available Connector

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If you have any color request, let us know the Pantone color No.

Test machine

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85% spare parts are produced by our own factory and with matched test machines, we could confirm the function and standard directly.

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