Rugged military handset for H250 A25

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With IP67 waterproof grade, this handset could be used for any military vehicle,radio or military telephones.

With professional test machines like pulling strength test, high-low temperature test machine, slat spray test machine and RF test machines, we could offer exact test report to clients to make all customer clear of all the details in advance.

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As the telephone handset for military use, corrosion resistance and waterproof grade are very important factors when design it.We add waterproof sound passing membrane on both microphone and speaker sides and then seal the handset by water-proof glue to improve the waterproof grade to IP67 in structure.

For military environment, RoHS approved fiber refinforced polycarbonate material could be used; For regular industrial machines,UL approved ABS material and Lexan anti-UV PC material are available for different usages; For military use, this handset is made with 1000 ohms receiver at 200-4000 KHz frequency range; Also with noise-reducing structure to cancel the noise from background.

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1.TEPU military curly cord Dia 7mm (Default)
- Standard cord length 9 inch in retracted, 6 feet after extended (Default)
- Customized different length is available.
2.Weather resistant PVC curly cord (Optional)
3.Hytrel curly cord (Optional)


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It could be used in military telecommunication equipment,all kinds of radios or police calling system.



Technical data

Waterproof Grade


Ambient Noise


Working Frequency


Working Temperature

Special: -45℃~+55℃

Relative Humidity


Atmospheric Pressure


Dimension Drawing


Available Connector

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Any appointed connector could be made as customer's request. Let us know the exact item No. in advance.

Available color

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If you have any color request, let us know the Pantone color No.

Test machine

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85% spare parts are produced by our own factory and with matched test machines, we could confirm the function and standard directly.

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