What is the function of the emergency telephone handset in a fire alarm system?

Emergency calls play a vital role in any fire alarm system. This specialized device acts as a lifeline between firefighters and the outside world in an emergency. Through the use of advanced technology and materials, the firefighter’s portable telephone handset not only provides reliable communication, but also has excellent durability. Let’s take a deeper look at the technical features of this important tool and why it’s a must-have for any fire safety setup.

The firefighter’s handset is made of UL approved Chi Mei ABS material. This ensures that it is strong enough to withstand the harsh environmental conditions firefighters often encounter. The handset has a rugged design that can withstand extreme temperatures and high impact. This reliability becomes even more important in life-or-death situations, where the last thing needed is for communications equipment to fail.

Additionally, the firefighter’s telephone handset is equipped with a state-of-the-art microphone and speaker system to ensure clear and effective sound transmission. Firefighters must be able to communicate their needs, intentions and any important updates without hindrance. The microphones precisely capture their words, allowing them to transmit a clear message even in the noisiest and cluttered environments. High-quality speakers accurately reproduce sound, ensuring instructions and important information are heard correctly.

The technical nature of emergency telephone handsets certainly meets the requirements of any fire safety system. Its rugged construction and reliable communication capabilities make it an indispensable tool for ground firefighters. By investing in such products, fire departments can improve emergency response and enhance communication among team members, increasing safety and potentially saving more lives.

If you need fire handset for your fire safety setup, look no further! Our firefighter portable telephone handset combine durability with superior communication features. The handset is made of UL-listed Chi Mei ABS material to withstand the harshest conditions. A reliable microphone and speaker system ensures that every word is heard clearly, making it easier for firefighters to command and understand the situation. Make the smart choice today and equip your fire alarm system with our top-notch emergency phone handsets. Contact us now to discuss your requirements!

Post time: Jul-22-2023