What is the difference between our handset and the common handset in market?

When I quote to you, you must think how could your product is expensive than others? Why does the handset produced by other supplier is only USD5-6/unit and our handsets is more than USD10/unit? They looks no difference in appearance. Why there has so much difference in cost? Let me tell you the details one by one.

Our handset is designed to meet or beat all of the published specifications for handsets for use on public terminals in the world. The handset has strength and durability characteristics that exceed any handset which is manufactured in China.

The electrical specifications for handsets are based on the type of telephone or customer specifications for the application in which the handset is intended. Generally, either carbon or magnetic microphones and magnetic receivers are used. The electrical components are manufactured to meet the interface standards for the variety of public terminals that are in use. Surely noise reducing microphone, electret high sensitivity microphone and hearing-aid speaker are available. Engineering staff with experience in Telephony have ensured that the handset is the best product on the market now. Standard lengths of 18, 24” and 32” are readily available and custom sizes can be ordered.

IZOD Impact Strength of Plastic Handle with 3.2mm notch: 6.86 ft-lbs.

Pull Strength: Exceeds 1800 foot-pounds and actual results are more than 2000 foot-pounds. This test is the handset as a unit, not just the lanyard. The test is done by connecting the plastic handle to one end of the test fixture and the retaining stop on the end of the lanyard to the other end of the test fixture. This ensures that the plastic, the lanyard and the stops on both ends of the lanyard can withstand a pull of least 1800 ft-lbs.

Cap Removal Torque: Exceeds 130 foot-pounds. This ensures that the caps cannot be removed by the public using small hand tools or bare-hands. As a comparison, lug bolts for car tires require about 75 ft-lbs of torque to remove.

Wire: Stranded wire of at least 26 gauge is used to ensure good transmission quality and flexibility any durability. The insulation is Teflon, which does not support a flame from heat. (Cigarette lighters on other types of insulation will cause the insulation to catch fire and burn.) Most competitors use a smaller gauge wire and a cheaper insulation, resulting in potential problems for transmission and fire.

Electrical Connections: AMP or JST connectors are used for all electrical connections, except for direct connections (solder) that are used on critical points where moisture or vandalism can be a problem with pressure connectors. Or any brand connectors do you need, we all could solve it accordingly.

Plastic: Normally we use high impact strength PC or UL approved Chimei ABS material for handle. But a special blend of lexan plastic is used that has high strength, wont maintain a flame once the heat source is removed and has UV protection for sun exposure.

Armored Cord: Flexible interlocking stainless steel.

These above specifications result in a low handset replacement rate. Standard industry replacement rates where our handset is not used is above 35% but our handset replacement rate is typically below 10%. With low replacement rate, it would help you save cost a lot than your imagination.    

So no matter where will you use this handset, please tell us the working environment, we would offer the best solution for your application with competitive price in market. If you have request of our high quality industrial telephone handsets, welcome to contact us freely.

Post time: Sep-25-2023