Tunnel emergency help hands-free intercom phone

 Tunnel emergency telephone is specially designed for high temperature and high humidity environment, with good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, one-key dialing, simple operation. Mainly used in highway tunnels, subway tunnels, river-crossing tunnels, mine passages, lava passages and other unmanned places to seek help from outsiders when emergencies occur.


One-key intercom

   can store a group of speed dial numbers, or store multiple groups of numbers to dial out

  The terminal customer can store/delete/modify the number by himself through the keyboard

   Press the emergency call button, the machine will automatically connect to the designated call


Auto hang up

   After the caller hangs up, the phone hangs up automatically and the line is not busy

  Incoming calls can be answered automatically, and live sound can be listened to


Clear quality

   The voice is clear and loud during a call, and the volume can be further increased through an external power supply

   can be used as a small broadcast


Eye-catching color

   Outdoor reflective paint for the body, the color is eye-catching, easy to find in an emergency, and the color will not fade for ten years


   can be silk-printed prompt signs and operating instructions as required


Support multiple platforms

   This machine supports analog switches, SIP protocol, and GSM wireless and other standards are optional.


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