The difference between using analog telephone systems and VOIP telephone systems


1. Phone charges: Analog calls are cheaper than voip calls.

2. System cost: In addition to the PBX host and external wiring card, analog phones need to be configured with a large number of extension boards, modules, and bearer gateways, but no user license is required. For VOIP phones, you only need to purchase the PBX host, external card, and IP user license.

3.Equipment room cost: For analog phones, a large number of system components require a large amount of equipment room space and supporting facilities, such as cabinets and distribution frames. For VOIP phones, because of the small number of system components, only a few U cabinet space, and data network multiplexing, no additional wiring.

4.Wiring cost: analog telephone wiring must use voice wiring, which cannot be multiplexed with data wiring. IP telephone wiring can be completely based on data wiring, without separate wiring.

5. Maintenance management: for the simulator, due to the large number of system components, especially when the system is large, the maintenance is relatively complex, if the user position changes, the need for specialized IT personnel to change the jumper to the machine room, and the management is more troublesome. For VOIP phones, maintenance is relatively simple because there are few system components. When the user's location changes, the user only needs to make the corresponding configuration changes on the mobile phone.

6.Telephone functions: Analog phones have simple functions, such as simple calls and hands-free, etc. If they are used for business functions such as transfer and meeting, the operation is more complicated, and analog phones have only one voice channel. IP phone has more comprehensive functions. Most service functions only need to be operated on the phone interface. VOIP phones can have multiple voice channels.


Comprehensive cost:
It can be seen that although the analog telephone system has more advantages than the IP telephone system in terms of telephone cost, the overall construction cost of the analog telephone system is much higher than that of the IP telephone system, considering the cost of the entire system. PBX system, equipment room and wiring.

Post time: Feb-13-2023