For the Jail Telephones -The Must-have Communication Tools

Our prison visitation telephones and prison telephones provide reliable communication for prison visiting areas, dormitories, control rooms, outposts, gates and entrances, which are suitable for internal intercom and communication in prisons, labor camps, drug rehabilitation centers, etc. Our inmate visitation telephones, such as the JWAT135 telephone, is manufactured with high standards and use anti-vandalism steel boxes. They are often used in places where violence may occur, such as prisons and mental hospitals to ensure that the main communication function is always maintained.

Our analog jail telephones are divided into those with a keyboard and those without a keyboard. Those without a keyboard, such as our JWAT123 telephone,which have an automatic dial function.

Our rugged jail telephones are all wall-mounted, which is extremely convenient to install. Cable entry is located on the back of the phone to protect against vandalism, while the keypad is weather and vandal resistant.

Our stainless steel prison telephones are made of 304 stainless steel, dust proof and frost proof. Brushed stainless steel shell, high mechanical strength, strong impact resistance.

The internal circuit of our robust vandal resistant prison telephones adopts the internationally accepted double-sided integrated circuit, which has the advantages of accurate number sending, clear communication and stable operation.

The color and LOGO of our prison telephones, as well as the material of some telephones can be customized to meet your various requirements. Such as our JWAT137D telephone, the material of the telephone can be customized, such as SUS304 or cord rolled steel. The vandal-proof capability of IP65has been improved to ensure that the main function of communication is always maintained, thus becoming a product with high reliability and long MTBF. The instruction card setting is more convenient.

Our handsets, cradles, and keyboards are all produced by our company, so our products are more competitive in price.

Are you looking for such a wall mounted prison telephone to meet your needs? Ningbo Joiwo explosion-proof warmly welcomes your inquiries. With professional R&D and many years of experienced engineers, we can also tailor our solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Written by Ruby


Post time: Jul-22-2023