Yanshi Mining creates a comprehensive intelligent mining “iron army”


In late March, Anhui Province’s first thin coal seam intelligent fully mechanized mining face – the Q413 Mining II415 fully mechanized mining face has been safely and efficiently harvested for 290 days, the output is more than 10 times that of the traditional thin coal seams in the past, and the number of workers is reduced by 50. %, achieved the goal of improving quality and efficiency and safety “four zeros”. At the same time, six key scientific and technological projects have been completed, and more importantly, an intelligent team that has adapted to the high-quality development of the new era has been experienced, providing a talent base for Huaibei Mining Group to build eight intelligent coal mining faces in 2019. Technical Support.  http://www.joiwo.com/product_d.php?id=73


The Western Well of Lanshi Mining is the first batch of units that have introduced the production of foreign mechanized mining units. It has experienced a leap from manual shooting to general mechanization and comprehensive mechanization, from automation to intelligence. The intelligent mining of II415 thin coal seam is one of the “10 major events” of Huaibei Mining Group in 2018. It successfully realized the new breakthrough of the use of intelligent new equipment and new technology in the first “three soft” coal seams in Huaibei Mining Area, and realized “smart, fine and efficient”. The strategic goal of the whole line of high-quality projects, continuously refreshing the production record of Nissan 7-knife coal, 8-knife coal and 9-knife coal, with the capacity of 100,000 tons per month and an annual output of over one million tons.

The working surface of the II415 thin coal seam is covered with three layers of coal and the five layers of coal underneath. The working face is in the mining and falling zone. The average coal thickness is 1.3 meters and the thinnest part is only 500 mm. This thin coal seam is intelligent. Comprehensive mining equipment, unprecedented in Anhui Province, is rare in the national coal industry. Yanshi Mining adheres to the concept of “Quality Era Training First” and has set up a research and training team named after the technical backbone Han Fei and Zu Xiaojun. It has realized training, practical operation, debugging and application of “multi-track” and coal machine. The location is accurate to the centimeter level of fine positioning requirements, resource recovery rate of nearly 100%, for the Huaibei mining area to liberate 400 million tons of thin coal seam reserves “open a door.”

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