The last spring of the dream chasing driver Li Yongfang

On February 24th, at 7 o’clock, the train driver Li Yongfang of Guiyang Locomotive Depot of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd. was dressed in neat work clothes and ready to attend.

There are still 5 days from the end of the Spring Festival in 2019, and it has been “connected” to the railway for 37 years, of which 35 years are in the train. For Li Yongfang, the 2019 Spring Festival is especially special.

At Zunyi West Station in Guizhou, there is only one train per day, which is the 5,630 general express trains to Chongqing Station, with an average speed of 55 km/h. It is also called “small slow train”. Since 2001, this “small slow train” Li Yongfang has been in operation for 18 years. On January 25, 2018, the Yunnan-Guizhou Railway was opened for operation. This “small slow train” became the only passenger train on the Sichuan-Chongqing line.

“Only one car must also keep running.” Li Yongfang said, “There are five small stations along the bus line that are located in the deep mountains of the border crossing. The ‘small slow car’ is the main means of transportation for the surrounding villagers.”

Before the departure, Li Yongfang went straight to the locomotive. The door of the cab is at the top of Li Yongfang. There are three high steps in front of the door, one left and one right armrest. When the reporter was still thinking about how to get up, Li Yongfang had already raised his legs and stood on the second step. After opening the cab door, his other vacant foot was lifted again, and Li Yongfang was already indoors.

Looking around, the entire cab is about 5 square meters, and the console is half occupied. The whistle, the handle, the call response, the standard operation of this series of work, although Li Yongfang has repeated countless times, but every value is multiply and he is cautious, and the operating standards are never out of shape.

“When a train driver is more powerful, he can drive the train all over the country.” When he was a child, Li Yongfang lived on the side of the railway. Every day he looked at the passing train and planted his dream of growing up as a train driver.

With a dream. In 1982, 18-year-old Li Yongfang came to the work section of Xifeng and entered the railway system, which was a step closer to his dream of driving.

In October 1984, Li Yongfang transferred to the Guiyang Locomotive Depot (formerly Zunyi Locomotive Depot) to work step by step from the deputy driver to the driver’s post.

“Now this locomotive is an electric locomotive front, which is the two cabs at the two ends of the front of the car. In which direction to go, which cab is operated, and the middle of the two cabs is the core mechanical room of the entire locomotive.” Li Yongfang Introduction, “The train does not have a steering wheel. The operation of the hand lever can play the role of the train. The monitor detects the safety of the whole vehicle, the operation screen displays the specific operation, and the wireless telephone and the station communicate with each other. Each one has a large effect.”

Because Li Yongfang’s business quality is excellent and his handling skills are superb. Whenever he encounters special transportation and special transportation tasks, the leader loves his “will”. He also served as a special task for the national leader.

For 18 years, he has been going back and forth between Zunyi and Chongqing. What is the maximum slope of the station, tunnel, bridge and continuous ramp on this line? Li Yongfang is all in the chest.

“To say goodbye to these “old buddies”, I really don’t want to.” Li Yongfang stared intently at the front, but his hands unconsciously stroked the workbench. He said, “I hope that in the last part of the work, every passenger will be safely delivered to the destination as usual.”

The “small slow train” route has 26 stations, and the station must stop. Soon after the train was opened, the carriages were quickly filled with large and small backs, which contained the vegetables and fruits grown by the villagers and were sold along the site. Some villagers could earn one or two hundred yuan (RMB, the same below) ), and the train fare is as low as 2 yuan.

Li Yongfang told reporters, “As long as there are still passengers around the Sichuan-Yunnan line, this slow train will be able to stick to it.”

In August 2019, Li Yongfang was about to retire. This is his last year to participate in the Spring Festival. The railway complex for decades has made it difficult for him to give up. Li Yongfang said, “If time can be reversed, I will still choose to be a train driver.”

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