Xianglong sales and R&D matchmaking

Xianglong sales and R&D matchmaking

Yesterday, Xianglong’s salesmen and R&D technicians held a face-to-face meeting under the auspices of the general manager to discuss the development of new products.

1.Why do we have a sales R&D matchmaking meeting?

There are two positive meanings of the matchmaking meeting. One is to let R&D technicians have an objective understanding of market information, and determine the company’s product development direction through the analysis of market trends by salesmen.For the salesmen, this is a good way to communicate with the R&D personnel. More communication can make the salesmen and the R&D technicians familiar with each other. In the future communication about the product, they can also understand the meaning of each other.It’s also a good help to meet customer needs.

2.The meeting result.

In the meeting, we decided to develop the keypad industry in the direction of visual intercom access control.And R&D technicians have started to make samples now.8A7ABC83-F155-4aac-B108-CA861072DE70


3.About us.

Xianglong is one of the few factories with professional R&D technicians.We are not satisfied with existing products, keep up with market trends, and always stand at the forefront of new products.

Our feature is to customize the keypads and handsets with high quality and good looking to meet any of customers requirements.If you have any interests, warmly welcome to contact us.

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Post time: May-20-2020
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