Why Bank’s ATM Machines Use Stainless Steel Material Keypad

Bank ATM machines are generally with metal numeric keypads, but only few people clearly know the reasons and benefits of using a metal keypad.

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Because it has the advantage of preventing leaks.If it is a normal keypad, the temperature of the keypad will be changed when people press the password with them finger. If we take a photo with a thermal sensor after the transaction is successful, we can get the password by looking at the photo. The advantage of the metal keypad is that the metal has a high electrical conductivity and the temperature changes particularly fast. Even if someone takes a picture with a thermal-sensing camera, it is difficult to observe the color judgment order.

Many small details in life are all have reasons! So welcome everyone to come and consult our metal 16-key ATM keypad.

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Post time: Nov-20-2019
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