When you’re facing with a CHOICE

There is an old saying in China that choices tend to be greater than effort. Whether for a person or a company, choice has always played a crucial role.

For individuals:

From the moment we were born, it seems to be a choice. We chose our family and chose this world. As we grow, we will always face a variety of choices, such as school, work, and your other half. Some choose to understate and some choose to be unforgettable. Faced with choice, it is like standing at the crossroads of life, but it is difficult but ultimately a choice must be made.

Life is a choice and a kind of abandonment.The result is the best proof.

For companies:

When companies choose what direction to go, they need to examine the market and make a correct choice.
If you have to judge, you should act, and you must resolutely implement it, otherwise you must do what you want. ——Sun Hongbin

The strategy is not only to know what to do, but more importantly, to know what to stop. – Joe Tuss

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Post time: Sep-22-2018
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