Vital Alert Transmitted Communication System Receives MSHA Ex-proof Certificate

Vital Alert’s mine-to-earth communication system successfully passed the US MSHA (an administration under the US Department of Labor, and the equipment under the mine in a flammable environment must be approved by MSHA).

Vital Alert’s Canary is an advanced through-the-earth communication system for mine environments. This intrinsically safe product is currently approved in the US for underground coal mines with flammable gases. Many coal mine users have indicated that they will The excellent ground-to-earth communication capability of this product is applied to the needs of its coal mines.

Cables are not required between the Canary system communication units, no fiber is required, and no visibility is required. The two communication units can be arranged vertically (downhole to the ground, different platforms downhole) or horizontally horizontally (the same platform downhole) in the mine to provide real-time communication of voice, data and textual information.

In 2006, the mining law issued by the United States required coal mines to establish a personnel tracking and communication system. In response to the bill, MHSA proposed the establishment of a new communication system redundancy initial communication system. When the mine collapsed, fired or exploded, initially The established communication system is very easy to be destroyed. If the original communication link can be integrated into the Canary transparent communication system and the communication link is backed up by different technologies, the probability of normal communication of the link can be obviously improved to ensure communication of the trapped worker.

Mike Homer, CEO of Vital Alert, said: “This is a milestone in our company and coal mine safety industry.” “On the one hand, underground can establish a wireless through-the-earth communication link, and it is confirmed that miners can use the product. MSHA certification is The important results of our team work, we should be proud of our achievements. We can further promote the use of the through-the-earth system by partners and customers, apply it to the daily communication system of the mine, and upgrade the safety of coal mines.”

Canary is the only communication system that can achieve two-way voice, text and data transmission with MSHA certification. The system is easy to arrange and portable, can be quickly deployed in the underground environment, and can be deployed flexibly near the mining face, rescue room or refuge. Room and other locations.

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Post time: Nov-26-2018
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