The Android camp is about to send a foldable mobile phone, don’t worry! Apple is preparing

NetEase Technology News February 16th news, every day seems to have rumors about other companies are developing foldable mobile phones circulating on the Internet. It is said that Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Lenovo and Motorola are all developing a flexible or foldable mobile phone product.

On Thursday, Apple updated a patent document to add a drawing of a foldable flip phone. This patent document was first filed in 2011, and when it was updated in 2016, it added a drawing of an iPhone that appeared to be equipped with a flexible display.

The update of patent documents at this time is somewhat intriguing. Because Samsung plans to launch the new Galaxy S10 on February 20th and Wednesday, and reveal more information about the foldable Galaxy X.

These new drawings showcase a foldable mobile phone product. It is similar to the technology used in Motorola’s latest blade series phones, and can be folded more easily into the pocket when not in use. Samsung and Xiaomi’s technology seems to be more about turning a mobile phone into a mini tablet.

The folding technique used by Apple is particularly interesting. It combines the hinge and the outer casing of the flexible display to bend the phone. The newly added file also contains a shell design drawing and a three-fold phone drawing. The indented or folded-out screens shown in these drawings indicate that this new design will make it more similar to a notebook or an iPad.

Apple did not immediately respond to the inquiry letter sent by the reporter. Although Apple has added drawings for foldable displays to patents, this does not mean that Apple will definitely launch a foldable iPhone in 2019. Still, this idea will still make the fruit powder excited. (passenger)

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Post time: Feb-19-2019
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