Significant synergy of oil well early warning system in Northwest Oilfield

“As long as you open the mobile phone client, you can receive abnormal information at the first time, control the oil well working conditions in time, and quickly issue abnormal handling instructions. This abnormal handling efficiency is incomparable with the traditional production operation system.” Northwest Yan Yonghong, deputy chief engineer and production operation manager of the Second Oilfield Production Plant, said excitedly.

At 20:30 on March 4, the mobile phone management three-zone monitoring personnel received an abnormal information push, indicating that the electric pump well TH12447 well was shut down 10 minutes ago, so immediately informed the patrol class to implement the situation. After simple maintenance, the well production was restored within 2 hours. This is the cooperation between the Production and Operation Department of the No. 2 Oil Production Plant and the Sinopec Research Institute. The “Isolated Forest” algorithm was used to independently develop the oil well abnormality warning system. The abnormality of the system was found to be 3 hours ahead of schedule, and the abnormally affected output decreased by 0.3 tons per well. The core algorithm of the system has recently obtained national “software copyright”.

The unique mode of mixing and thinning viscosity reduction in the heavy oil block of Tahe Oilfield has resulted in high abnormal rate of oil well production and increased difficulty in crude oil exploitation and management. However, the existing oil well abnormal alarm method still has a high false alarm rate, and it also requires a lot of manpower and material resources for oil well parameter interpretation and monitoring parameter maintenance, etc., and improving the disposal efficiency of abnormal oil wells becomes a top priority.

It is reported that since the abnormal warning system was put into use in the oilfield in September 2018, the abnormal rate of oil wells decreased by 32.5%, affecting the output by 37.6%; the monthly average anomaly affected the output by 488 tons, and the monthly efficiency increased by 1.097 million yuan; the monthly average oil well dropped abnormally. 39 wells, the abnormal handling costs decreased by 234,000 yuan per month; the forecasted annual efficiency increase was 15.972 million yuan. The monitoring personnel of the three oil recovery management areas of the plant have been reduced from 2 classes and 4 people to 2 classes and 2 person times, and the work efficiency has doubled.

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Post time: Apr-02-2019
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