Red color VOIP telephone- Looking forward to your first “test the water”

Only when a company continues to develop and innovate, the company will always far ahead in the industry.

This month our company is at the peak of production, and more excited, our production department completed  300pcs red color VOIP telephones these days. It is our customer’s customized product!


1.Take a single USB interface to communicate

2.Achieve the voice could switch back and forth when pick up /put down the speaker or handset.

3.When pick up/put down handset, it could be automatically sent to the PC device via USB-HID signal.

4.Realize external speaker volume control.


Xianglong support OEM,  it has 6,000 square meters of production plants and 80 employees now, which has the ability from original production design, molding development, injection molding process, sheet metal punching processing, mechanical secondary processing, assembly and oversea sales. Under the help of 8 experienced R&D engineers, we could customize various non-standard handsets, keypads and cradles for customers quickly.

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Post time: Sep-27-2019
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