PetroChina Latin America Company overfulfilled the task of increasing reserves

Recently, according to China Petroleum News, in 2018, PetroChina Latin America Company paid close attention to efficiency exploration and increased reserves and improved production. The accumulated new oil proved recoverable reserves equivalent of the annual completion of the annual plan indicators of 149.7%, significantly exceeded the increase The mission of the reservoir has laid a solid foundation for the implementation of the “Take America” strategy and the construction of high-quality non-conventional oil and gas cooperation zones and deep-sea demonstration zones.
In the past year, Latin American companies have further increased their exploration efforts.

The Brazilian company gave full play to the advantages of the Chinese igneous rock seismic identification technology, and continued to deepen its exploration and research with its partners, and achieved a new breakthrough in regional carbonate rock accumulation model, completing 153% of the annual reserve task and making the annual completion of CNPC International’s annual reserve task. Important contribution. The NW6 and NW10 wells of the Ribeira project have achieved significant exploration results. The NW6 well drilling has successfully enriched the understanding of the development model of the carbonate rock in the block and increased the reserves of the northwest region, in order to accelerate the pace of exploration and evaluation in the central region and further enhance The overall economic value of the oilfield lays the foundation; the NW10 well finds a thick oil layer in the lower part of the northernmost margin of the northwestern region, further expanding the scale of the project and increasing the economic value. The exploration strategy and deployment of the Peropa project was approved, and the first exploration well was successfully drilled on October 24. The Andean project exceeded the annual new reserve task, and the rolling effect of the T block was significantly improved. The rolling exploration and development of the Kupi area in the 14th block of the Southern District achieved significant results. The 58th district of Peru has closely completed the first phase of voluntary work in the reserved area and successfully completed the 2D seismic acquisition.

The orderly construction of key projects has been carried out in an orderly manner, which has laid a solid foundation for continued production.

The Venezuela MPE3 project has overcome the special and complex external environmental challenges and successfully reversed the downward trend of output to achieve an upward trend. The output has rebounded from the minimum daily output of 69,000 barrels in April 2018 to more than 133,000 barrels in December, which is the only continuous output in the current situation in Venezuela. The growth of the project was fully affirmed by the party. The project’s 165,000 barrels/day Phase I renovation and expansion project went against the trend, with an overall progress of 95.03%; the main plant of the Jose Mixer Plant was mechanically completed and successfully commissioned on September 20, following the successful application of the compressed air system in November. After the successful power transmission with the power distribution room, the industrial water supply system trial operation was successful in December, and a solid step was taken to fully put into production. The Ecuadorian Andean project optimizes the deployment of new wells, strengthens the effects of the measures, achieves an output of 2.434 million tons of oil and gas operations, and completes the annual production target tasks 19 days ahead of schedule. The Peruvian company achieved a production equivalent of 3.457 million tons of oil and gas operations, and its 10/57/58, 6/7 and 8 district projects exceeded the annual production tasks. The Brazilian company Ribeira project realized the first offshore oil lifting operation, marking a new stage of rolling development of the project into production and investment recovery. It completed 4 oil extraction operations throughout the year, achieving an equity production of 128,000 tons and a production capacity of 38,000 tons. It has become a milestone in the history of the development of China’s oil super deep sea oil field.

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Post time: Jan-25-2019
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