PetroChina “Houston R&D” connects international high-end and domestic sites

On April 14th, the three technicians of the PetroChina Houston Technology Research Center compared and analyzed the data from the well-known risk exploration well of the China National Petroleum Corporation. The excitement is beyond words: the multi-angled shape independently developed by the center. The Tridon non-planar tooth PDC bit has a new record of the highest mechanical speed of 2.99 meters per hour in the dense glutenite formation of the Xujiahe section of the Bajiaochang Formation in the middle reaches of the Sichuan Basin. The breakthrough has been made in the “card neck” link.

This is another major breakthrough in China’s oil exploration following the Tarim Keshen, the huge gravel layer in front of the Boao Mountain, the deep volcanic rocks in Daqing, and the Lushan structure in the Yumen Grottoes in Yumen.

The key core technology is that you can’t buy it. PDC drill bit achieves breakthrough in exploration practice. It is the first technology research center established by PetroChina overseas. The Houston Technology Research Center solves the problem of exploration and development of domestic oil and gas fields. According to the strategic arrangement of the group company, the North American location advantage is fully utilized. , painstaking research, after 6 years of research and development of technical achievements. At present, the 11 types of PDC bit series products of 22 sizes successfully developed by the center have achieved good application results in field tests.

This Tridon blade drill bit, with its unique polygonal design, transforms the traditional “face contact” innovation into “line” + “face” combined with comprehensive rock breaking, multiple gravity balance and deep decobalting optimization process to make it impact resistant. Compared with conventional flat teeth, the performance is increased by more than 10 times, the wear resistance is increased by 2 to 3 times, and the comprehensive speed is increased by 50% or more. The single-drilled drill footage is increased by 50% to 110%, reaching the international leading level.

Since 2015, PDC series drill bits have completed 114 field tests in Tarim, Daqing, Southwest, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Yumen and foreign North America. From the massive gravel layer in the western Tarim Mountains, the Cambrian dolomite, to the igneous rocks and granites in the northeastern Songliao Basin, and to the “whetstone” formation in the Xujiahe River in the southwestern Sichuan Basin, PDC bits help oil and gas fields enterprises overcome A series of geological problems is an “engineering tool” tailored for China’s exploration and development enterprises.

Since its establishment in 2010, the Houston Technology Research Center has taken the responsibility of tackling key technologies for exploration and development of domestic oil and gas fields, and researched key common technologies, cutting-edge leading technologies, and disruptive innovation technologies as the breakthrough point to identify the “card neck” link for domestic oil and gas exploration. Focusing on the main business needs of China Petroleum, we adhere to the original innovation, integrated innovation, and the introduction of digestion, absorption and innovation. In 2012, in order to explore the world-class drilling problems of the huge gravel layer and the composite salt paste layer in front of Kuche Mountain, the research center and the Tarim Oilfield cooperated to study the bit technology as the entry point for drilling speed. From the previous stage of conventional PDC bit integration innovation to the later non-planar tooth design optimization, a set of research and development system with independent intellectual property rights, international top bit design optimization, manufacturing, laboratory testing, field testing, optimization and improvement was gradually established. . At the same time, the drilling tool combination optimization design, drilling parameters optimization and drill bit use technical specifications or recommended practices form a series of speed-up technology solutions based on drill bit application technology.

To date, the Houston Technology Research Center has filed 38 patent applications, of which 12 are authorized by US patents and 1 is domestically authorized. A number of internationally-achieved technical achievements have been made in drilling speed-up, completion and fracturing, and unconventional reservoir evaluation techniques.

At the same time, the Houston Technology Research Center also uses international innovation resources to build a platform for innovative R&D cooperation at home and abroad, and has extensive cooperation with more than 100 domestic and foreign companies, well-known universities, independent research institutions, and manufacturing test companies to promote platform and window construction.

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Post time: Apr-23-2019
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