Our featured product——weatherproof industrial handset

In addition to industrial handles and keypads, we also specialized in industrial communication.

This is our weatherproof industrial for an all – mode transceiver.

As we all know, outdoor environments always to be stormy,wind and rain are common things. Under such harsh conditions, the handset is

easy to get rusty which would affect the telephone’s operation. So it is necessary to have a high-grade weatherproof and waterproof handle. The waterproof rating of our handle is IP67,It could prevent water from entering the shell effectively.

Since most bases are in remote places,The climate can be very bad, especially in winter with heavy snow and wind. The working

temperature of the general phone is at -30℃~50℃ and the telephone of our company is -45℃~55℃,which could adapt to more

severe weather.

According to its performance, it’s also suitable for some difficult environments.

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Post time: Apr-22-2020
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