Opened the second decade of OPPO

Shen Yiren said that Reno is a new and creative product line, and it is different from any OPPO products. He believes that Reno does not have to have an accurate meaning, everyone has their own Reno. There is quite a feeling of “a thousand hearts in a thousand” Hamlet.

In addition, Shen Yiren explained the concept of new products from two aspects of photographing and software. In the past, OPPO’s photos were almost all “beautified”, and now Reno will take the photo first and then return the beautification choice to the user. The software aspect will be more concise and clean, without any muddy water.

The following is the full text of Shen Yiren Weibo:


After the debut of yesterday, many friends asked me, what is Reno’s position?

Cost-effective? on-line? Sub-brand?

I want to say: OPPO Reno is a new and creative product line, Ta is different from any OPPO products.

Ta has a new product philosophy, design philosophy and communication methods. Everything is new, from the outside to the inside.
Just like a lot of enthusiastic netizens help us explain the meaning of “Reno”, but in my opinion, why does Reno have to have a meaning?

Reno was created by us because there is no standard answer, so there is no standard answer.

Everyone should have a Reno of their own, I hope you like the “OPPO Reno” created by you.

Reno opened the second decade of the OPPO phone, so where is the new Reno?

I think the biggest change is first of all a change in product philosophy.

For example, in the past, we wanted to give users a photo that was more or less “beautified”. On Reno, we insist on “real clarity.” Do a good job of taking pictures and emphasize “what you see is what you get”. At the same time, in order to provide users with a “fool camera”-like intelligent experience, we also open the landscaping options to everyone.

When it comes to software, ColorOS 6 will do it more briskly. Whether it’s a visual color image or an interactive animation experience, it’s all simple and clean, and it’s not a drag. Not to mention the quick and steady optimization and the enjoyable experience of the game, this is our endless pursuit. There are many, many changes, and you can share it with you.

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Post time: Mar-12-2019
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