Metal Illuminated keypad’s secret

    The origin of the Metal Illuminated keypad: the rise of the illuminated keyboard originated from the development of the ordinary keyboard, in order to meet the various needs of customers in the prosperous market of metal keyboards at home and abroad. Metal keyboard manufacturers began to study multi-function keyboards, and the illuminated metal keyboard came into being, which greatly satisfied the market demand. Metal keyboard illuminated technology: In the country, the general metal illuminated keyboard is developed with LED light strip technology. It can also be said that each button is equipped with LED light, so that the keyboard can emit different light, then the user It can be used to clearly see the corresponding numbers on the buttons without using external light, and is widely used in self-service ticket vending machines, self-service vending machines, self-service refueling machines, automatic terminals, and finance.

    Industrial metal illuminated keyboard Specifications: Size: 100 * 94mm keyboard, Features: Metal panel, extraordinary experience: high-density metal panels made of high-quality stainless steel, equipped with professional-grade appearance and workmanship, the keyboard stainless steel surface has been specially treated, Prevents button paint from falling off, anti-sweat, anti-stain, anti-corrosion, long-term workmanship, durability and practicality: With a unique lighting mode, each button has a unique lighting effect, cool and rich The technology’s illuminated LED system allows you to express the key without conflict: HR2017010 selected the most commonly used 12-key conflict-free design. In these 12 buttons, the user can press the button at the same time without conflicting with the ergonomic surface keycap design: HR2017010 keyboard adopts the most ergonomic curved keycap design, keycap diagram The text is etched and the paint is processed through a special process. Each row of keycaps has the best feel, ensuring an excellent user experience and reducing finger fatigue. And the key cap graphic and keyboard key values ​​can be customized according to the user’s gorgeous and classic shape design concept: HR2017010 not only has a gorgeous streamlined appearance, but also a high-density metal panel that allows the exposed keycap to completely release its energy. It can provide DES encryption or 3DES encryption control board PS2 or USB interface.

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Post time: Jun-19-2019
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