Man-machine debate war: AI talks about feelings, but also loses

On the blue stage, a black panel stands in the middle, and the blue flat circular screen on the panel is flashing, and a calm and rational female voice is heard behind.

On the podium on the right side, a little brother in a suit and a suit is listening to the “speech” of this panel. From time to time, the pen records, sometimes the face is dignified, and sometimes the corner of the mouth reveals a sinister charm, and looks confident and full of confidence.

This is the confrontation between IBM’s AI and the human champion debater, and also a part of this year’s Think 2019 conference.

The side of the man-machine battle is IBM’s AI, Project Debater, the black panel is its carrier in the human world. In June last year, it defeated the 2016 Israel National Debate Champion Noa Ovadia, setting a record for AI to defeat humanity in the debate.

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Post time: Feb-12-2019
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