International Telecommunication Union officially released the first international standard for integration

Recently, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) officially released the first “Methodology for building digital capabilities during enterprises” digital transformation” (Chinese translation is “Methodology for Sustainable Competitive Capacity Building in the Process of Digital Transformation of Enterprises”).

The international standard is based on the core results of China’s national standard “Informatization and Industrialization Integrated Management System Foundation and Terminology” (GB/T 23000-2017) “Informatization and Industrialization Integrated Management System Requirements” (GB/T 23001-2017) It defines the connotation, characteristics and basic elements of the integration of the two technologies, and proposes the core concept, key processes and main methods of enterprise digital capacity building based on the basic framework of the two-integrated management system, which can carry out technical application, process optimization and management reform for enterprises. To accelerate the digital transformation to provide guidance. Nearly 14,000 enterprises in China have built new capabilities under the information environment according to the methods provided by the standard. The development of the two enterprises has been steadily improved, driving the operating costs to drop by an average of 10.0% and the operating profit by an average of 11.2%. Standards are important values ​​in guiding companies to achieve sustainable development in the digital economy era.

Representatives of relevant organizations and institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Spain, Egypt, Malaysia and other countries have given extensive attention and full recognition to the international standards and provided support for the development of standards.

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Post time: Apr-09-2019
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