Industrial keyboard waterproof knack

    The industrial keyboard waterproof mode is divided into two types: immersion type and splash type. Generally, only the waterproof standard of the industrial keyboard needs to be fixed in the splash type, and the industrial keyboard under the special environment requirement will use the immersion standard. The following is a simple analysis of how industrial keyboards are waterproof.

    The waterproof industrial keyboard will be protected by a waterproof film than the ordinary keyboard. In the case of the use of water in the industrial keyboard, one can prevent the water from directly remaining on the surface of the industrial keyboard, and the moisture will be quickly lost with the film. Prevent moisture from remaining directly at the interface screw. If the ordinary keyboard is not waterproofed, it will produce rust over time, and it will also affect the performance of the metal keyboard and even damage the entire metal keyboard. .

    The waterproof industrial keyboard does not use any interface, so it is like sealing the whole keyboard, and the moisture is infiltrated into the keyboard. Compared with the ordinary keyboard, there is no series of waterproof operation added in the interface part, which will cause work failure when the interface is exposed to moisture. In this case, the keyboard may be damaged at the same time, so the ordinary keyboard is not suitable for working in a humid environment. Moreover, the reverse side of the waterproof industrial keyboard has a pouring hole design to eliminate the accidental entry of moisture into the metal keyboard.
     The above is the waterproof principle of the industrial keyboard.


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Post time: Jun-17-2019
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