industrial explosion-proof walkie-talkie Unicom mobile 4G intrinsically safe explosion-proof mobile phone

Explosion-proof walkie-talkie supports global distance-free intercom, support mobile 4G, Unicom 4G network intercom, can adapt to different POC intercom platform according to customers, industrial explosion-proof intercom mobile phone is widely used in all walks of life, It is an essential communication tool for safe production. In the case of network environment coverage, it is completely used for explosion-proof walkie-talkies, traditional digital and analog walkie-talkies.Explosion-proof walkie-talkie truly achieves barrier-free communication.

Industrial explosion-proof walkie-talkie supports mobile and intercom, Unicom Wo intercom; can provide POC intercom, fully support cluster communication, intercom, etc.; POC public network cluster intercom (global intercom + VOLTE 4G call), explosion-proof walkie-talkie is Refers to a walkie-talkie that can work in an explosive atmosphere. Different from the civilian walkie-talkie, the explosion-proof walkie-talkie does not refer to the walkie-talkie that can resist the explosion, but refers to the walkie-talkie that can work in an explosive atmosphere. Applicable to industries with harsh environment and dangerous flammable gas or dust such as petrochemical, coal mine, chemical, thermal power, food processing and other industries. We know that walkie-talkies rely on electromagnetic waves to transmit signals, and the transmission of electromagnetic waves relies on the continuous conversion of electric and magnetic fields, which is prone to sparks during this conversion process. The explosion-proof walkie-talkie is shielded because of the special treatment of the circuit.

The core basic functions provided by the explosion-proof machine include cluster intercom, voice call, video call, conference, multimedia message, dynamic reorganization and real-time positioning. Based on these basic functions, the system supports derivative multimedia communication and GIS for various industries. Extended functions such as command and dispatch. The platform also provides a development interface. GQT’s multimedia cluster scheduling capability can be easily integrated into production, operation, command, management and other application software in various industries.

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Post time: Dec-03-2018
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