Huaibei Mining Group’s “Big Data on the Cloud” Opens a New Mode of Intelligent Mines

“Opening the mobile phone can directly see the 100-meter underground anti-burst drill site through video, intuitively understand the personnel activities of the working face and the operation of the equipment, and monitor the gas control in the whole process, providing the first time for safety management and disaster prevention.”
“Now I am working on a mobile phone. I can handle OA documents at any time. I can see the daily production and sales of coal. Workers can check the provident fund and their daily work and wages at any time.” Wu Hao, chief engineer of Huaibei Mining Group Yangliu Coal Industry Communicate with colleagues while you are away from school.
Huaibei Mining Group has improved the integrated information system integration platform of the Group’s management and control, and built the Group’s big data center as one of the “eight major events” in 2019. The informationization construction has entered the fast lane, and “Cloud Big Data” has opened a new intelligent mine. mode.

“No information” outside the integration platform
Repair the highway to get out of high speed. As the competent department of informationization work, the Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Department has compiled and completed the “13th Five-Year Plan” and “Two-in-One” Integration Construction Plan of Huaibei Mining Group and the “Huabei Mining Informationization Work Management Regulations” from 2016. +1″ information construction mode, “19″ is 19 group-level application system projects, “1″ is the grassroots personalized application.
At the beginning of the construction, the entire mine is paved with 800 km of all-fiber high-speed Ethernet ring network and more than 2,000 sets of network switching routing equipment (sets), forming an all-fiber network infrastructure covering the entire mine area, ensuring internal, group and grassroots levels. Mine data transmission and information security.
In 2017, through the construction of enterprise service bus, an information application system integration platform for different application systems and different databases across departments and platforms was constructed. It realizes the horizontal integration between the business systems of the group companies and eliminates the information islands caused by the data failure of different business systems.
On December 10, 2018, the Group’s integrated management and information system integration platform was officially put into operation. The platform integrated 43 information systems covering the company’s safety production and operation management, so that there is no information outside the platform.
“We insist on absorbing R&D innovation, developing unified portal authentication technology, enterprise bus technology and data center virtualization technology, and mastering the core technology of information integration platform construction, which not only saves costs, but also provides talents for the development of information technology of the group company. Technical support.” Zhao Minfei, Director of Application Development Department of Information Development Branch, introduced.

Driven by information
Every morning at work, Zhu Chunfeng, deputy director of the Huaibei Mining Group Office, did the first thing to open a personal information portal. The system integrates all the elements required by each manager’s daily office, and can realize unified authentication and single sign-on for each application system. The to-do list, common business, security warning and other columns have been deeply integrated with each application system. Through the automatic pop-up dialog box, prompting today’s to-do work, and reminding the leaders of the important matters that are required to be completed and requested to be completed within a limited time.
It is the norm of work that is driven by information and driven by events. The headquarters department of the group company is like this, as is the grassroots mining plant, the first-line section, and the workshop.
The human resources system will organize the management, talent development, education and training, work and attendance, employee files, internal market-based daily wages, etc. through the cloud platform to Huaibei Mining Group coal mining, logistics, chemical, power, finance, modern services, six sectors The information of tens of thousands of employees has been shared, and the optimal configuration of personnel resources has been achieved.
“From December 25, 2018, the financial centralized control system implements the online accounting business, which is classified according to the nature of the business. Now the financial reimbursement documents are photographed through online account payment, approval, online payment, and the office network is fast, standardized and efficient.” The person in charge of the center said.
Driven by information and listen to data. This is the biggest management change in the information construction belt.
Achieve more than 40 kinds of group-level application systems, including enterprise management, safety production information and Internet e-commerce. It involves enterprise human resources, finance, sales, production, production safety, material supply, logistics and other fields. Business data integration.
Suai, director of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, said that to achieve “management informationization”, data information must play a fundamental role in management, optimize process-driven efficiency, and use information resources as the company’s greatest asset. Elements.

Intelligent boosts high quality development
In front of the large-scale visual display screen of the Huaibei Mining Group Safety Production Dispatching Center, more than a dozen computers accurately monitored the production dynamics, on-site environment of the core products of the coal mines, coal preparation plants, power plants and “Sanhua” enterprises of the whole group. Coal mine personnel positioning and number of workers, equipment operation status, product quality, etc., all the production and mining plants have achieved full-factor, full-process monitoring.
Liu Weimin, director of the production big data center, clicks the mouse at the safety production dispatching center of the group company. The first intelligent working face of Huaibei Mining Group, the production of the 1075 working face of Yangliu Coal Industry is immediately displayed. The working surface production can be seen on the visualization system. Safety management, the production of T0 methane sensor 0.11%, belt transport volume of 312 tons / hour, the number of people working 25 people, the production area long class, the mechanical and mining mines with the class … and other safety production information data.
The safety production supervision and dispatch information system transmits the real-time operation data of large-scale equipment such as shearer, hydraulic support and roadheader to the information application system integration platform through big data, and remote monitoring and fault warning for the main equipment. The safety environment monitoring system realizes the safety monitoring, early warning and alarm, and safety environment data and information processing and sharing of the Group and the mine.
“Now the leaders of the group can directly face the production factors of coal mines, coal preparation plants, electric power, chemical industry, etc. The big data enhances the advanced prevention capability of safety management and realizes the collection of more than 90,000 data points in production sites. And monitoring, and data sharing, business integration and intelligent linkage of various automated monitoring and monitoring subsystems.” Liu Weimin said.
The “Internet of Things +” system deployed in each coal mine installs electronic tags on each mine car. The monitoring status of the underground and ground mine car running positions, car numbers, material types, and running directions can be Chinese characters, simulation drawings and tables. The form is accurate and intuitive. Zhang Lei, the business management department of Vortex North Mine, can realize one-stop service of online ordering, centralized distribution, express delivery and positioning assessment with mobile phones.
“In 2018, we built the intelligent working face of medium-thick coal seam in Yangliu Coal Industry and the intelligent working face of thin coal seam in Yanshi Mining, which opened a new era of intelligent mining in Huaibei Mining Area. In 2019, we will promote digital demonstration and lead new construction. An intelligent coal mining face, an intelligent driving face, 12 new electro-hydraulic coal mining faces; 5 intelligent workshops were built.” Wang Shengmao, deputy general manager of Huaibei Mining Group.
With the acceleration of the pace of informatization construction, Huaibei Mining Group will establish a four-dimensional database of production management, human resources, management and control, and financial sharing to form a group’s big data center smart cloud platform to establish product analysis, cost control, equity management, and investment. 26 analytical models, such as financing management, supply sales, and comprehensive budget, to realize the high-quality development of enterprises through the use of big data.

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