How to choose a keypad

The touch of the keypad: judging the feel of a keypad, it will be tested from whether the button is elastic, whether the button is evenly pressed, whether the key cap is loose or shaken, and whether the keystroke is suitable.

The appearance of the keypad: the appearance includes the color and shape of the keyboard, a beautiful and stylish keypad will add a lot of color to your desktop, and an old-fashioned keypad will make your work more dull.

Keypad work: The cost of the keypad is low, but it doesn’t mean you can cope. The surface and edge of the keypad are delicate and delicate. The letters and symbols on the key cap are usually laser-engraved. The hand feels bumpy. When you purchase, carefully check whether the printed characters on the keys are engraved. The kind is directly printed with ink, because the writing of this keypad, you will not take long, it will fall off.

Keypad noise: I believe that all users hate the noise generated by tapping the keypad, especially those who are still working, playing, and surfing the Internet late at night. Therefore, a good keyboard must ensure that only high-speed taps are generated. Small noise does not affect the rest of others.


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Post time: Jul-08-2019
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