How have we been domesticated by “telephone”?

Contemporary humans have become species that have been domesticated by technology. Communication is one of a series of technologies that we cannot do without. Feeding our takeaways, the work we rely on, the intimate whispers between lovers, and the establishment of the communication technology.

In fact, the process of “domesticizing” our technology, that is, the process by which technology drives our lifestyle changes. It is precisely because we learned to use fire that the teeth we used to chew raw meat began to degenerate and became a slag mammal with only five bite forces.

The same is true of communication technology, which is constantly evolving in our constant domestication. Not long ago, Enterprise Communications Cloud Service Manager Rong Lianyun used a set of comics to tell about the changes in the communications industry.
As for another AI product phone robot of Ronglian Cloud, not only voice interaction technology, but also intentional screening based on the call result, the customer’s intention priority is sorted. For the enterprise outbound service, this low-cost, no-rest, no-training, and emotionally stable and controllable telephony robot can bring huge efficiency gains. The data shows that Ronglian’s telephony robot can make enterprise time utilization. Increased by 12 times and customer satisfaction increased by 50%.

As for the cost of communication, although communication is already very cheap or even free for ordinary users, it still costs a lot of money for communication. The complicated information transfer between telephone and video tariffs, WeChat, QQ, and enterprise communication software, including the security maintenance of internal communication, requires a lot of money and labor costs.

At this time, the communication cloud deployment combined with AI technology can solve this problem well. Ronglian’s enterprise collaborative office platform capacity is combined with enterprise telephony, VoIP, and converged conferencing to ensure the security of enterprise communications through privatization deployment. The application of AI to the simultaneous interpretation of multinational conferences realized by voice conference transcription and machine translation is also reducing the comprehensive investment of enterprise applications in communication. Previously, the cooperation between Ronglian Cloud and Tencent Cloud is also bringing AI+ communication and industry-wide communication solutions to more enterprises.

The fulcrum of the next revolution

What is more worth looking forward to is how intelligent communication will shake the overall changes in our lives.

For example, as AI is increasingly involved in the production and handling of messages as a whole, we are getting faster and faster, and the quality will be higher and higher, and the form will be more abundant. For example, by copying the image and sound of the teacher to achieve higher quality personalized distance education, through the intelligent recommendation system, people can acquire more knowledge content suitable for themselves… When the production and transmission of knowledge becomes efficient, the whole of civilization and culture Development will also be further accelerated.

When intelligent communication gradually penetrates into the enterprise application field, the following changes will inevitably occur in the future:

First, business activities are limited by geographic factors. The language barrier formed by the region can be borne by the AI, and the exchange cost of cross-border transactions will be greatly reduced. Just as the telegram made the cotton trade between New York and Liverpool more active, changes in smart communications will make trade globalization more efficient.

At the same time, the communication cost of the enterprise will be greatly reduced. After the cost is reduced, the company can invest more in innovation and stimulate more business vitality. After all, when everyone is submerged in inefficient labor, technology is often difficult to develop.

As the efficiency of communication increases, the issue of talent distribution between big cities and small cities may be solved. Built on efficient and highly reductive messaging, mobile office implementation rates will increase. People don’t have to be together in the physical space to work together. Perhaps even thousands of miles away, they can collaborate like an office. From the long-term historical process, our material life will undoubtedly go up a step.

More importantly, under the joint effect of material and culture, the development of new technologies will certainly be born again. This kind of transmission and succession is exactly the light that illuminates the road ahead when mankind keeps moving forward.

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Post time: Nov-02-2018
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