Hardcore science fiction “Wandering Earth”: Can the earth that stops spinning really go wandering?

In the hope of everyone, China’s first science fiction film, “The Wandering Earth,” was finally released on the New Year’s Day. It was praised in the previous screenings. This film is based on Liu Cixin’s eponymous science fiction “Wandering Earth”. It tells the sun is about to die, is about to enter the expansion stage of the red giant, the earth is about to be submerged by the expanding sun atmosphere. At a time when human destiny is about to face survival, the Human Union Government has made a decision to drive the Earth out of the existing orbit as a huge spaceship and sail to the nearest neighbor, 4.2 light years away.

In any case, the road to the earth will be very difficult. But we need to know that it is a very bold and imaginative idea to remove the whole earth as a spaceship when the entire human crisis is facing, although from a scientific point of view, human capabilities in the foreseeable period. can not achieve. But film as an art, it is not entirely a complete reproduction of life or science, so although this film contains many unscientific imaginations, we still need to applaud. Science is the driving force for human progress, and imagination has pointed the way for human progress.

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Post time: Feb-12-2019
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