Harbin Electric provides “God-level power” for energy “artifacts”

Recently, China’s nuclear fusion energy research equipment manufacturing field sent good news, Harbin Electric Group Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Harbin Electric Motor) developed China’s first large-scale vertical pulse generator set, the main indicators reached the international advanced level. The unit’s instantaneous power generation can be as high as 300,000 kVA, making it the largest pulse generator set in China. It will drive China’s energy “artifact” – “China Circulator No. 2 M” device, which will make its plasma current more than twice that of our existing devices, and the plasma temperature will exceed 150 million kWh, thus providing relevant research. This marks a major breakthrough in the manufacture of nuclear fusion energy research equipment in China. Harbin Electric has completed a pioneering work in the history of China’s energy equipment manufacturing.
According to reports, “nuclear fusion energy” is regarded as the most ideal “God-level energy” for human beings. The “China Circulator No. 2 M” under construction is China’s largest tokamak device and is an “artifact” for studying nuclear fusion energy in China. The first 300,000 kVA Angular pulse generator set developed by Harbin Electric Motor Co., Ltd. fully meets the demand for high-power and high-energy storage power of the “China Circulator No. 2 M” device, and is called “God-level power” equipment.

Strength capture pulse contract
Energy is an important support to support the development of human civilization. If it can achieve effective control and application of nuclear fusion energy, human beings will get enough clean energy for hundreds of millions of years. The owner of the 300,000 kVA pulse generator set of Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., the Nuclear Physics Southwest Institute of Physics of China National Nuclear Corporation, is the earliest professional research institute engaged in the development of nuclear fusion energy. In the study of a national project conducted by the Nuclear West Institute in 2008, it was found that the original horizontal pulse generator equipment could not meet the research needs, and a pulse generator set with higher power was needed as the power source.
After learning about the demand of the Nuclear and Western Institute, Harbin Electric Motor Co., Ltd. went all out to cooperate with the development. A lot of work was carried out in the early stage of the project, and two sets of comprehensive, in-depth and content-rich demonstration programs were provided for the Nuclear and Western Institute. Subsequently, several members of the leadership team of Harbin Electric Machinery and the leaders of the Nuclear and Western Affairs Institute exchanged visits several times, and initially organized the project and research and development work for pulse generators, in order to promote the sacred upgrade of China’s nuclear fusion energy research equipment. The mission is ready.
In 2011, after the tender for the development of the high-power vertical pulse generator set of the Nuclear and Western Institute, Harbin Electric Motor Co., Ltd., with its full preparation and strong strength, finally won the bid for the project with the first two technical and commercial standards, and officially embarked on the project. Developed and manufactured a new journey for China’s first large vertical pulse generator set.

Innovate and solve scientific research problems
R&D and manufacturing means exploring and optimizing, but this is not an easy task; so is the development of large vertical pulse generators. Due to the special requirements of the “China Circulator No. 2 M” device, the pulse generator set developed by Harbin Electric Machinery is a six-phase motor. Although it has the advantages of large output power, high reliability, good controllability, etc., it also faces electromagnetic calculation. Unprecedented research and development challenges in ventilation and cooling.
“To overcome the problem of research and development, Harbin Electric established a pulse generator R&D team, set up research groups such as electromagnetic research, ventilation and cooling research, product design, and innovated the six-phase motor calculation program, and jointly carried out related research with Harbin University of Science and Technology. In thousands of simulation experiments, ‘search’ has reached a reasonable electromagnetic scheme.” Jiang Baogang, general manager of Harbin Electric Water Products. The scientific research team comprehensively analyzed the temperature rise of the unit and the matching of related factors. After three complicated simulation calculations, one system verification and seven simulation optimizations, a closed fanless dual-path self-circulating ventilation system was designed. At the same time, the team also carried out structural innovations in the design of rotor yoke and combined bearing cooling methods to meet the needs of large moments of inertia and high-speed stable operation of the unit.
In December 2013, Harbin Electric successfully designed a high-power vertical pulse generator set that can meet the special needs of the “China Circulator No. 2 M” device.

Ingenuity to create a pulse boutique
As a special motor, the thrust head mirror plate of the pulse generator and other components have special features in structure and size, and the processing difficulty is much higher than that of the general product. To this end, Harbin Electric has comprehensively implemented the production management, operation process, process technology and other aspects, and has completely broken through the manufacturing problems of all components of the pulse generator set. Not only the finished components but also the technical requirements of the design, standards and contracts, and The physical quality of the main components such as the base and the rotating shaft is higher than the relevant requirements of the contract and standards.
In April 2014, after the unit entered the installation and commissioning stage, Harbin Electric Motors Co., Ltd. adhered to the quality and culture concept of “fine process quality results”, and strived to build a pulse boutique; compiled the “Code for Welding Process of Pulse Generator Stator Base Site”. The pulse generator debugging scheme and other documents have been approved by the owner; in the key stator core loading section, the Harbin electric motor personnel perform a “knocking” every time a few punches are stacked, and timely adjust and pre-press, and finally The stator core is made up of tens of thousands of silicon steel sheets, the surface is smooth, the shape is beautiful, and the tightness fully meets the requirements of national standards; more than 20 tests such as mechanical performance test, loss test and no-load characteristic test have been completed, which completely solved the problem. Problems such as vibration values, temperature and abnormal wind paths encountered.
In January 2019, China’s first power pulse unit, which was also the largest power unit, successfully passed the special acceptance at Chengdu Nuclear and Western Institute. The nine-member expert group led by Tang Renyuan and Deng Jianjun, two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, agreed that the overall performance parameters of the 300,000 kVA Angular pulse generator set developed by Harbin Electric Machinery reached the international advanced level. At this point, China’s development of “God-level energy” “China Circulator No. 2 M” device officially has “God-level power”, and has taken another big step toward the goal of achieving peaceful application of nuclear fusion energy.

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