Explosion-proof measures in production and explosion-proof design of bag filter

With the development of modern industry, the dusts appearing in industrial production are diverse, and the explosion accidents caused by dust are increasing on a global scale. The risk of dust explosion has become a hot topic in the industrial production safety and insurance industry. How to remove dust and explosion-proof in the production process?

1. Explosion-proof measures in the design of storage structures. When designing the silo workshop, consider the dust explosion problem, try to make the silo road line away from the office area and living area, the distance is not less than 30m, in the work room less than 150m, the staff is no more than 10 people, and two safety can be set. For export, the width of the evacuated stairway is not less than 1.1m, the width of the corridor is not less than 1.4m, and the width of the evacuated door is not less than 0.9m. Each silo shall be provided with independent manholes and air displacement devices, which shall not be connected to each other. The main dust-producing workshop shall be Set the venting device, the manhole is not less than 800 × 800mm.

2. Start with production process equipment. The main principles of explosion protection measures for electrical selection and layout are reasonable process design, correct selection, normal maintenance, compliance with operating procedures, control and elimination of fire sources, prevention of frictional heat, impact and ignition, elimination of ignition and detonation, and simplification of the process. The process is to avoid multiple lifting. The explosion-proof bucket elevator is used. The equipment must have reliable grounding. It has automatic alarm and automatic parking protection devices. It should be considered detachable or easy to repair when designing, manufacturing and transporting equipment. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the convenience of ventilation and dust removal and explosion-proof system work properly. From the production equipment, it is necessary to select electrical appliances that meet the requirements of the national electrical law, equipment with dustproof and explosion-proof performance, reduce the line speed of the hoist and other conveyors, reduce damage, install permanent magnets on the original grain conveyor, and remove the grain. Metal objects.

3. Reduce production and dust spots. Controlling the dust concentration of the environment For the dust-producing or dust-producing positions in the storage and transportation production process, the dust generation and dusting points should be reduced, the dust diffusion should be controlled, the dust concentration in the surrounding space should be reduced, and the dust concentration should not exceed 10 mg/m3. We control the dust concentration farther than the dust concentration. Beyond the explosion limit, it naturally controls the occurrence of dust explosions.

4. Bag dust collector and pipe network explosion-proof design – starting from dust removal equipment

First, consider the safe wind speed first, and then consider the economic wind speed, so as to ensure the normal operation of the wind network;

Second: Under the premise that the air volume of the precipitator is constant, when the wind network has both vertical and horizontal sections, the wind speed should be considered to meet the horizontal section first. That is, the wind speed should ensure that the wind is not in the normal operation of the wind network. Should be deposited. Therefore, when we design the wind network process, the wind speed is generally about 14m / s. Practice has proved that there is no dust deposition in the dust removal process, and the effect is good.

Third, in a group of wind networks, if the suction point is too far away from the fan, the wind speed should be larger than other points, which is conducive to ventilation and dust removal. In short, in the ventilation and dust removal wind network, the closer to the fan, the higher the wind speed of the air duct; the more the collection, the longer the horizontal pipeline, the higher the wind speed, and the wind speed can be reduced after the air purification.

Design method: The air inlet adopts the spiral inlet and air inlet mode, which has an efficient primary purification function, which improves the dust treatment concentration and reduces energy consumption. The patented high-efficiency tube spray technology makes the cleaning performance completely reliable. The bag cage and the proprietary spring-up card structure make the sealing performance reliable and easy to maintain. The top cover is designed with a small cover to facilitate the change of the bag outside the machine. When needed, the user can design a walk-in type structure, that is, when replacing the bag or the bag cage, the user can enter the top of the box to operate, and is protected from the weather. The dust collector design adopts three forms: A, B, C (conical unloading, flange unloading, flat scraping and unloading), which can meet different needs of users and facilitate user selection.

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Post time: Dec-03-2018
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