China’s coal machinery accelerates intelligence and cleanliness

Recently, the China Coal Industry Association announced in the 2018 annual report on coal industry development that the transformation and upgrading of the coal machinery industry has continuously made new progress.

At present, China’s high-power coal mining machines, conveyors, large mining high-electro-hydraulic control brackets, Internet of Things, new intelligent sensors and other key equipment and components localization capacity has been significantly enhanced, which has effectively supported the construction of large-scale modern coal mines in China. According to statistics, 145 intelligent coal mining faces were built last year, and coal production methods are shifting from extensive to intensive and efficient modernization. The mechanization degree of coal mining in large coal enterprises increased from 32.34% in 1978 to 96.1% in 2018, and the degree of mechanization of excavation increased from 14.5% to 54.1%.

Last year, the Collaborative Innovation Center for Clean and Efficient Use of Coal and Climate Change was established. The whole industry has won 4 national science and technology progress awards, 4 technical invention awards and 13 Chinese patent awards. Among them, the project “Multi-threaded data acquisition system synchronization control method under acquisition time control mode” won the China Patent Gold Award. The National Science and Technology Support Program “Key Technology and Engineering Demonstration of Super Clean Emission Control of Large Coal-fired Power Plants” successfully passed the acceptance test. The world’s first set of pure water bracket industrial test was successful, and the world’s first downhole TDS intelligent dry sorting equipment was successfully tested.

Last year, fixed asset investment rebounded. The fixed assets investment in coal mining and washing industry has been declining continuously since 2013. In 2018, investment increased by 5.9% year-on-year, of which private investment increased by 14.8%.

The development and utilization of coal resources has gradually improved the green development system. Establish an assessment mechanism that determines the scale of resource development with ecological environmental carrying capacity, improve the clean production mechanism, encourage all coal washing, promote green mining of coal, and promote ecological protection and restoration of coal mining subsidence areas. Intensify efforts to support the ultra-low emission technology transformation of coal-fired power plants, high-efficiency pulverized coal-type industrial boilers, coal deep processing, civil dry coal cleaning technology and low-rank coal grading and quality technology development. Promote the clean and efficient use of the coal industry chain and promote the strategic transformation of coal from traditional energy to clean energy.

At the same time, a more complete coal mine safety production and occupational health protection system has been established. Increase investment in coal mine safety production, strengthen coal mine safety infrastructure, promote safety science and technology progress, develop mechanization, automation, informationization, and intelligence, optimize systems, reduce heads, reduce surface, reduce people, and improve coal mine safety and security capabilities.

Overall, the ecological civilization construction of the mining area has made positive progress. The key technology breakthrough of the 7-meter-depth full gas-controlled drilling rig has made a breakthrough. In 2018, the national raw coal enrollment rate was 71.8%, up 1.6 percentage points year-on-year; the comprehensive utilization rate of mine water reached 72.8%, up 0.8 percentage points year-on-year; the comprehensive utilization rate of coal gangue reached 70%, up 2.7 percentage points year-on-year. The utilization of underground gas drainage has reached 6.05 billion cubic meters. The comprehensive energy consumption and production electricity consumption of raw coal production in large and medium-sized coal mines are 11.78 kg standard coal/ton, 21.9 kWh/ton, and coal gangue and low calorific value coal power generation capacity is 37 million. Kilowatt; the land reclamation rate reached 49.5%, an increase of 0.5 percentage points year-on-year. The discharge of major pollutants in the mining area has been significantly reduced, and the ecological environment restoration and management has continued to advance, which has promoted the coordinated development of mining resources development and ecological environment.

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Post time: Apr-02-2019
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