Accompany the customer to inspect the products in the factory

Today we accompany Xianglong’s customer to inspect the products they ordered in the factory.QQ图片20200409101155(1)

The customer was inspecting the size of product “handset with PPT switch” with drawing in the picture, and Xianglong’s sales and technical staff were explaining to them and testing product with them.


1. Shell is made of Special PC/ ABS

2. 304# stainless steel armoured cord or PVC coiled Cord

3. High strength steel rope.

4. Pierce-proof and Hi-Fi transmitter and receiver.

5. Mechanical/electrical PTT switch.

It’s mainly designed for telecommunication in noisy environment.

We are specailized in Industrial Communication handset with good service, reliable quality and after sales.

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Post time: Apr-09-2020
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