315 exposed “Yike core” was investigated: all businesses in this series will be stopped

123     Shaanxi Yilongxinke Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. was exposed to use the intelligent robot outside the call at the 315 party, and called the harassing phone in batches according to the number. The call exhalation system was called Yike Core. Subsequently, the Xi’an Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the law enforcement officers of the public security department arrived at the scene to seal and solidify the relevant information found on the scene and the relevant data in the computer, and said that the next step would be based on the trademark law, advertising law and anti- Unfair competition law and product quality law are inspected. If illegal behavior is found, it will be resolutely investigated and dealt with. In the face of a large amount of evidence, Shaanxi Yilongxinke Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. apologized to the national consumers for using the intelligent robot to call out and call the harassing phone, and promised to stop all the business of this series.

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Post time: Mar-20-2019
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