राउन्ड बटन उज्यालो टेलिफोन किप्याड-B664

  • मूल्य सीमा: USD 10-12 / एकाइ
  • MOQ: 500PCS
  • वितरण नियम: एफओबी
  • ढुवानी पोर्ट: Ningbo / संघाई
  • भुक्तानी विधि: टी / टी, Paypal, पश्चिम संघ, व्यापार आश्वासन
  • आपूर्ति क्षमता: 10000PCS / महिना
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    राउन्ड बटन उज्यालो टेलिफोन किप्याड-B664


    1.Keys are good touch feeling and accurate data input without any noise.
    2.Plastic frame and zinc alloy key buttons,Backlit keys,Vandal resistant
    3.Fonts and pattern of key surface can be customized.
    4.Natural silicone rubber conductor
    5.Weatherproof,corrosion resistance,Ageing reisitance.
    6.Chemical gold plated and reliable contact.


    1.Surface treatment of frame and keys: satin-finished or mirror polish.

    2.Connectors:USB, PS / 2, XH socket,PIN,RS232,DB9.

    3.Labels on the buttons can be customized by etching.


    Model  B664
    भौतिक जस्ता धातु
    प्रमुख आकार 82.5 * 109mm
    जीवन प्रति प्रमुख 20,00,000 चक्र
    सम्पर्क प्रतिरोध 200 Ohms अन्त्यकोअधिकतमदर
    सम्पर्क दर्जा 100 mA
    पीसीबी डबल-पक्षीय पीसीबी
    प्रवाहकीय रबर सिलिकन प्रवाहकीय कार्बन कण
    प्रमुख बटन चयन 0-9, *, #, अनुकूलित कुञ्जीहरू
    लिड 0603 नेतृत्व
    ब्याकलाइट रंग नीलो, सेतो, अनुकूलन
    जडान इन्टरफेस Xh प्लग पिन हेडर, यूएसबी, PS2, RS232, RS485
    प्रमाणपत्र इस्वी संवत्
    सुरक्षा डिग्री IP65
    बर्बर प्रमाण डिग्री IK08
    अपरेटिङ तापमान -25 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
    भण्डारण Terperature -45 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
    सापेक्ष आर्द्रता 30% -90% आरएच
    वायुमण्डलीय दबाव 60-106Kpa



    numeric keypad-keyboard matrix metal numeric keypad digital dial pad smart door lock


    IP65 waterproof industrial outdoor door lock keypad

    IP65 waterproof industrial outdoor door lock keypad

    IP65 waterproof industrial outdoor door lock keypad

    Company Information:

    IP65 waterproof industrial outdoor door lock keypad


    1. Q: How long is the warranty period?
        A: 1 year.
    industrial keypad
    2.  Q: How to pay?
         A: TT,Paypal, Western Union, Alibaba Trade Assurance.
      metal keypad 
    3. Q: How to pay the deposit?
        A: 100% T/T for small order, and 30% deposti and 70% balance before shipping for large orders. 
      numeric keypad
    4. Q: How to ensure the quality of the products?
        A: Every piece of our products are under strict and repeat tests before delivery.
        And representative inspector are also welcomed.  
      backlit keypad
    5. Q: What about the delivery time?
        A: 1000 pcs or more within 30 days and samples will be shipped within 2 days. m
    6. Q: How will you deliver the products?
        A: Samples and small orders usually are shipped through international expressa and large ones are shipped by air or sea.
    illuminated keypad
    7. Q: How is the inventory of your company?
        A: We keep a large stock of goods to ensure our prompt delivery.
      customized keypad
    8.Q: Do you accept customized keypad ?
        A: Yes, OEM and ODM are available for us, Our R&D team work have been in this field for 13 years.


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