औद्योगिक आयपी 65 अँटी-रेडिएशन कार्बन लोड पीटीटी स्विच हँडसेट-ए 15

  • किंमत श्रेणी: USD20-25 / PCS
  • MOQ: 500 PCS
  • डिलिव्हरी संज्ञा: एफओबी
  • शिपिंग पोर्ट: निँगबॉ / शांघाय
  • पेमेंट टर्म: टी / तिलकरत्ने, व्यापार अॅश्युरन्स, पश्चिम युनियन, पेपल
  • पुरवठा क्षमता: 10000 pcs / महिना
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    औद्योगिक आयपी 65 अँटी-रेडिएशन कार्बन लोड पीटीटी स्विच हँडसेट-ए 15

    Product Description

    1.XiangLong Communication Industry offers a wide variety of high-quality, vandal resistant handsets. All handsets are constructed of durable ABS/PC plastic combined with a high strength stainless cord with internal steel lanyard or coiled cord.

    2.Most handsets found in this section are designed based on the traditional G-Style shape but we offer K-style handsets as well. Our G-Style handsets are available in Black (standard), Red or Yellow.

    3.Our G Style handsets are available with Carbon, Electret or Dynamic microphones and the receivers are available with or without a varistor (Non-varistor is standard). Available armored cord lengths are 32″ (standard), 18″ and 54″ , coiled cord lengthens are 4′(standard),15′ and 25′,any cord length can be produced on custom orders which meet our MOQ.

    4.We also offer extended wires per our customer’s requirements without any minimum order. The standard wire terminal is Y-spade connectors and we also offer 4-pin modular and 3.5mm TRS audio jacks. Many other terminals and connectors can be added upon request.

    5.Magnetic handsets are also available which will include a magnet in the receiver area that will interact with a reed switch to bring the telephone equipment on and off hook, as an alternative to using lever and microswitch-based hookswitches.

    6.Our G-Style handsets can be produced in virtually any color, made to any cord length, wire length, equipped with just about any microphone and receiver element, and made with virtually any type of terminals or connectors. Please  contact us  with questions or to request a quote for any handset combination which you do not see listed below.

    7.Pls also check below chart for more information:


    Vandal Resistance PC, ABS757

    हवामान प्रतिकार ABS सा-978B

    Carbon-Loaded ABS, Carbon Fiber material

    किंवा निर्दिष्ट


    गुड दोरखंड आणि उपलब्ध वक्र दोरखंड

    दोरखंड लांबी            

    मानक 900mm लांबी चिलखताचे आवरण घातलेला दोरखंड;

    मानक 250mm लांबी गुंडाळी दोरखंड.


    नॉन-Varistor (स्टँडर्ड)

    varistor सह (उपलब्ध)


    Carbon Transmitter, Electret Microphone

    डायनॅमिक 150 Ohms मायक्रोफोन

    किंवा निर्दिष्ट


    XH Plug, Y spade plugs, 4-pin modular

    single audio jack, two way radio audio jack

    USB, Binder Aviation Plug

    किंवा निर्दिष्ट

    जलरोधक ग्रेड

    आयपी 65

    कलाकृतीची किंवा सार्वजनिक मालमत्तेची जाणूनबुजून वा अजाणतेपणी नासधूस करणारा पुरावा ग्रेड


    वातावरणीय तापमान

    -30 ~ + 50 ℃

    सापेक्ष आर्द्रता

    10% ~ 95%


    1 वर्ष

    अर्ज क्षेत्र

    औद्योगिक टेलिफोन, कियोस्क टेलिफोन, सार्वजनिक फोन कारागृहात फोन, विमान दूरसंचार


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