namboarina Stainless vy mpizara solika FPC keypad-B701

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  • MOQ: 500pcs
  • Delivery Terms: FOB
  • Fandefasana Port: Ningbo / Shanghai
  • Fandoavam-bola Terms: 100% Advanced Payment
  • Supply Fahaizana: 10000pcs / Volana
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    Customized stainless steel fuel dispenser FPC keypad-B701

    Quick Details: 

    1. 20 Keys Vandal proof IP65 stainless steel, Dot matrix keypad.

    2. carbon-on-gold key switch technology.

    3. rear mounting/Build-In mounting


    1. 20keys IP65 dynamic compact format vandal proof ,industrial numeric keypad with industrial PCB electronics

    2. Industrial PCB with carbon-on-gold key switch technology with long stroke (2.0mm) with extremely 

         good tactile feeling for fast and accurate data input without any noise.

    3. Ease of installation and maintenance.

    Special Features:

    1. Specially designed keyboards meet the highest demands with regard to design, functionality,

        longevity and high protection level. 

    2. This keypad with willful destruction, vandal-proof, against corrosion, weather-proof especially under 

       extreme climatic conditions, water proof/dirt proof, operation under hostile environments. 


    Oilfilling station,Petrol station,Oiling machine,Refuelling Aircraft


    Model B701
    Material Stainless Steel 304
    Key habeny 14.0 * 14.0mm
    fiainana 1,000,000 tsingerina isaky ny fanalahidy
    Contact Resistance 200 Ohms Maxium
    Contact Rating 20 ~ 30mA
    PCB Double-rindrina PCB
    Conductive Metal dome conductive
    Key bokotra safidy amin'ny 26 taratasy, na tsy misy 26 taratasy
    Connection Interface XH plug, Pin Lohapejy, USB, PS2, RS232, RS485
    taratasy fanamarinana AK
    Protection Degree IP66
    Famantarana Vandal Degree IK08
    Operating Temperature -25 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
    Storage Terperature -45 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
    havany Humidity 30% -90% RH
    rivotra fanerena 60-106Kpa

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    B701-001 .jpg
    Line Drawing:
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