K style retro phone handset with PTT-A23

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K style retro phone handset with PTT-A23

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1.Handle shell with special PC / ABS / anti-static and other engineering plastics

2.Handle for the upper and lower square shell structure combination, good sealing, good flame retardant. Withstand the percussion is not broken, twisted pull does not distort, do not burst at minus 40 degrees.

3.Handset microphone built-in reed pipe.

4.Use puncture-proof, high-fidelity send, receiver, to ensure that the call supporting the transmission characteristics of the phone, in line with GB / T15279-2002 4.2 requirements.

5.Handle with switch (PTT) function.

 6.Volume Control – Handsets can be provided with internal circuitry that allows the user to alter the earphone volume level of the handset.

 Volume adjustment is accomplished by switches, rotary volume  knobs, or slider switches (depending on application and handset model type.)

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