Industrial Internet builds “the Yangtze River Delta”

As an important advanced manufacturing base in China, the added value of the Yangtze River Delta industry accounts for more than a quarter of the country’s total. The market share of new energy vehicles accounts for 1/3 of the country’s total, and the capacity of robots accounts for 1/2. The information service industry accounts for 1/3 of the total. The industrial scale of the circuit has reached half, and the level of high-end equipment manufacturing is leading in the country. With the construction of the industrial network cluster in the Yangtze River Delta, in the cyberspace, industrial big data is flowing all the time in the “cloud”, and it is equipped with “smart brain” for advanced manufacturing.


“Clouds” on millions of enterprises light up “Digital Triangle of Digital Wisdom”

The construction of regional industrial Internet platform is becoming the core of industrial cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta and has become a new engine for intelligent manufacturing.

In the Yangtze River Delta region, the first thing many workers go to work is to use their mobile phones to log into the enterprise digital operation management system to find out the tasks of the day. The operation management system creates an open smart factory model, which forms a flat, flexible, synergistic and effective sharing of intelligent ecology, and opens up the upstream and downstream industry chain to enhance the core competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Around the construction of a comprehensive, industry-based, regional industrial Internet platform, the Yangtze River Delta has been actively deployed and has the basis of regional cooperation. In Shanghai, relying on large state-owned enterprises and large platforms to build an industrial Internet platform integrated with the Yangtze River Delta to gather upstream and downstream data of the industrial chain; in Zhejiang, Alibaba Cloud is expected to connect 200 million industrial equipment and serve 300,000 industrial enterprises by 2025; In Jiangsu, more than 600,000 construction machinery and equipment passed the Xuyun Group’s Hanyun platform “Dengyun Internet”; in Xuancheng, Anhui, “Wanjia Enterprise Shangyun” plan was launched…

Many companies have tasted the sweetness from the “cloud.” A manufacturing enterprise with an annual sales of 2.8 billion yuan in Hangzhou, after more than one year of involvement in the industrial Internet platform of the Chuanhua network, the information was opened and the order was completed. The synergy efficiency of the supply chain was increased by 30%, and the average order execution time was reduced from 17 hours to 13 hours. , delivery and arrival time rate increased from 80% to 96%. “In the Yangtze River Delta, intelligent logistics will connect upstream and downstream enterprises in tandem. The industrial Internet in the logistics field effectively enhances the synergy of enterprises and reduces the logistics costs in the entire industry chain.” The relevant person in charge of the transmission network said.

The Industrial Internet is making manufacturing more “green.” Located in Jiangsu, Shuangliang energy-saving system will “cloud” thousands of energy equipment, optimize energy efficiency, comprehensive energy saving by 20%-50%, and reduce operation and maintenance cost by 20%-40%. In 2018, the Yangtze River Delta Industrial Internet Platform helped millions of enterprises to launch the “Shang on the Platform” service initiative, and proposed to achieve the goal of adding a new “upper cloud platform” to 10,000 companies by 2020, reducing operating costs by more than 20%. Increase efficiency by more than 20%, and promote efficient coordination of industry chain and supply chain and optimization of resource allocation.


Government builds a platform, regional synergy development shows a new path

In 2018, the path of coordinated development of the Industrial Internet in the Yangtze River Delta was newly unveiled. The government set up a platform to promote mutual recognition of data, and a series of coordinated development measures were introduced.

- “Regional platform” brings together leading advantages. The Yangtze River Delta region, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui provinces jointly drafted a cooperation framework agreement to promote the linkage of Internet platform clusters, focusing on supporting the intelligent Internet, Shanghai Baoxin, Jiangsu Xugong Information, Zhejiang Aliyun, Anhui Heli and other industrial Internet platforms. Enterprises will strive to build a cluster of regional industrial Internet platforms in the country.

– Cross-regional policies form a coordinated development. The Yangtze River Delta and the nine places jointly issued the “G60 Science and Technology Corridor to promote the implementation of industrial Internet synergy development program”, the nine places will carry out system docking, jointly develop cross-regional industrial Internet policy; strengthen fiscal and tax support, jointly set up industrial Internet special funds; Advantageous platforms, industrial demonstrations, technology research and development, etc., promote the implementation of technology upgrades and projects.

- Infrastructure construction Press the “fast forward button”. It is understood that the top node of the identification and analysis system is an important infrastructure of the national industrial Internet, and is a nerve hub that supports the interconnection of all things in the industry. It can give the company the only “identity card” for each product, component, machine and equipment. In 2018, the signing of the national top-level node (Shanghai) for industrial Internet identification was officially launched, which greatly promoted the cross-disciplinary, cross-industry and cross-regional information communication and interaction in the Yangtze River Delta region and accelerated the development of emerging industries.

Liu Song, vice president of Alibaba Group, believes that the Yangtze River Delta is the region with the highest industrial capacity density in China and a gathering place for Chinese IT and automation companies. The three provinces and one city have multiple world-class industrial clusters and millions of small and medium-sized enterprises. Industrial Internet has built a connection and enabling platform to connect the digital transformation needs of the manufacturing industry to the intelligent service providers, forming N sub-platforms for the industry in the region, gradually forming a service ecology, and ultimately promoting industrial synergy within the region.

Wu Jincheng, deputy director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Committee, said that the Yangtze River Delta will take the lead in promoting the pioneering test of 5G networks, and cooperate in industrial Internet and other fields to turn broad market demand and massive industrial data resources into efficient production and high quality. Innovation to create a world-class smart city cluster.

According to reports, in 2019, three provinces and one city will speed up the promotion of a number of cross-regional industrial Internet platforms, forming a mutual trust mechanism between platforms; formulating regional support policies, cultivating 10,000 industrial apps; and creating a number of benchmark factories based on innovative applications of industrial Internet platforms and The park; jointly carried out major key technologies and industrial innovations in the industrial Internet, and established the industrial network developer community in the Yangtze River Delta.

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