JWAT202 Public Telephone


1, The telephone housing is high strength cold rolling steel plate, the surface is imported high-grade paint, high temperature bake, bright color and wear corrosion resistance.

2, Telephone key (keyboard)  use high-grade zinc alloy material, the contact resistance is less than or equal to 30 ohms. The service life is more than 5000000 times. According to the pressure of 160-200 g;

3, Telephone handset (handles) use imported ABS engineering plastic, Teflon,high-strength wear-resisting metal hoses and wires, using militarynoise transmitter115dB (volume unit: decibel) environment call clarity, good sealingperformance

4, the telephone handset (or fork) use high-grade  zinc alloymaterial, Controlled By

intelligent magnetic switch service life ≥500,000 times.

5, Can printing customer’s LOGO and related instructions, with dust,noise, violent resistance characteristics, machine protection rating ofIP54;

6, can set the phone to an ordinary dial-up function (as a general emergency telephone) as you request.
1,  Picking/hang up mode: pick/hang up as lever control, off-hook forconnecting, hanging As

a broken;

2,   To answer the call when there is an incoming call, telephone ring,remove the handle, you can speak with each other, talk after the backhandle;

3,   Call: remove handle, 3 seconds before you can dial emergency numbers,such as 110,119,120, calling Bank-specific calls automatically after 3seconds;

Technical Data
1,For feeding voltage for the 24-60V program-controlled switchboards andcontrol switches and dispatch switch system

2,Temperature:-20 ℃ ~ 70℃ relative humidity: 10%~75% atmosphericpressure 86~106 Kpa ambient noise: less than 60dB (a)

3,Vibrating ring level: ≥70dB

4,When the subscriber line of 3KM is signal level standard frequencies:low frequency group: 697-941Hz the high frequency group: 1209-1477Hzfrequency: less than ± 1.5%

Combination of high and low frequency signal level difference: 2±1dBintermodulation

caused by total harmonic distortion lower than thebasic level at least 20dB

5,Call transfer indicator:SLR≤12,RLR≤-1,STMR≥10,Output impedance:600Ω
6,Cable core in 0.8mm on line users line up to 7KM long
Field of application:
Self-service banking, stations, wharves, airports, scenic areas,squares, shopping malls, community property, municipal

engineering,regulatory complaints, convenient services, hospitals, DMV and otheremergency help sites.
Support and services
Under normal use, except for vandalism, natural disasters, a free 12-month warranty.
All accessories for long-term production and stock, more than afterThe warrantyperiod,

we still offer aftermarket products.



  • FOB Price Range: US $102-180/unit
  • MOQ: 100 units
  • Supply Ability: 10000 units per Month
  • Port: Shanghai or Ningbo
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION
  • Delivery Terms: FOB/DAP,DDU,EXW
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags


    Self-service banking, railway stations, docks, airports, scenic spots, squares, shopping malls, residential property, municipal engineering, regulatory complaints, convenience services, hospitals, vehicle and other emergency accommodation.

    Product Feature

    1. Strong & Durable

    2. Long Lasting

    3. Magnetic Hook Switch (no mechanical contacts to fail)

    4. Hearing Aid Compatible Handset

    5. Transmitter & Receiver Elements Designed for industrial use.

    6.  The phone can be set with auto dialing when off hook or speed dial(4 numbers can be programmed from F1 to F4).

    Technical Parameter

    Signal voltage


    Standby operating current


    Frequency response

    2503000 Hz

    Ringing level


    Defend Grade


    Corrosion Grade


    Ambient Temperature


    Atmospheric Pressure


    Relative Humidity


    Lead Hole



    3 KG


    Wall Mounted


    Using Method

    1. Make a call: pick up the handset—dial the callee’s number.

    2. Answer a call: a call comes in—the phone rings— pick up the handset—under normal conversation—hang back handset at the end of the call.

    3. Auto dial: pick up the handset— you can dial the emergency number 911,120 etc within 3s; or automatically dial the programmed numbers after 3s.

    4. Speed dial: press F1/F2,/F3/ F4 to directly call the programmed telephone number.


    3 units per carton; Carton Size:42x38x48cm


    Under normal use, non-human damage, free one-year warranty;

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