Joiwo Vandal Proof Phone Inmate Telephone Durable Prison Telephony for Jail JWAT133

  • FOB Rang de preus: US $10-300/unit
  • MOQ: 100 unitats
  • Capacitat de subministrament: 10000 unitats per mes
  • Port: Xangai o Ningbo
  • Condicions de pagament: T / T, L / C, PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION
  • Condicions de lliurament: FOB / DAP, DDU, EXW
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     Suitable for inside  prisons, labor camps, drug rehabilitation and other intercom,  communication and other places which need monitoring.
    1. The phone can form an independent telephone communication system with program-controlled switches and couplers.

    2. The phone can be connected directly to the telecommunications network.

    3. After the  composition of the call system, each phone is an independent station.  The malfunction of any phone doesn’t affect the whole system work.

    4. After the  composition of the call system, the product has an automatic gain  function, and the voice does not vary with distance or telephone  quantity.

    5.Telephone circuits  within the integrated circuit using internationally accepted  double-sided, with hair the exact number, call clarity, job stability,  etc.

    6. Stainless steel housing, high mechanical strength, strong impact.

    7. Key parts of the  handset and the hooks are both produced by our own company; Quality  control strictly; After-sale reaction fast.

    8.Volume can be adjusted.

    9.There’s an area to place an instruction card in front of the telephone.

    ignal voltage CC 48 V
    Standby work current ≤1mA
    resposta de freqüència 250~3000 Hz
    nivell de sonar ≥80dB
    Protection class IP65
    grau de corrosió WF2
    Temperatura ambient -40~+60℃
    Pressió atmosfèrica 80~110KPa
    Humitat relativa ≤95%
    forat de plom 1-O15
    Machine weight 3kg
    instal·lació Muntat a la paret


                           JWAT133 drawing




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